Korean Food

Korean people often eat out, because the food is moderately priced and the restaurants are open till very late. But unlike other populations that eat out the people of South Korea are quite healthy. The obesity level is extremely low and the life expectancy is reasonably high. The reason for this good health is partially due to the food. The traditional food is healthy and popular, so there is only a moderate demand for junk food. And even the Korean fast food (street food) is quite healthy.

Some reason why South Korean food is healthy

• Meat is fresh
• Food tends to be natural
• Little to no preservatives
• Variety of side dishes means all vitamins are included.
• Fermented food like Gimchi is good for healthy and digestion.
• Moderate levels of spicy food
• Minimal use of oil, especially compared to other Asian cuisines.
• Livestock like chickens are raised to be trim, not obese on hormones.
• Family dining is common, so people don’t overeat in group settings.

Korean BBQ

Enjoy some foreign cuisine without the guilt attached to most fast food.